Dogmar Wilson

Wonderful Lady and Illustrator

Dagmar worked as freelance illustrator of popular children’s books, while she raised her three daughters.
She also came to be known as a painter of rural landscapes in Virginia.
Over her career she has had well over 50 children books to her name,
including the best-selling children book,
“While Susie Sleeps,” published in 1946,
and the classic “Poems to Read to the Very Young,” published in 1961.

Dagmar Wilson was the founder of Women Strike for Peace (WSP),
an organization of women around the nation during the 1960’s;
they marched, picketed, and lobbied the U.S. government to end nuclear weapons testing and work for nuclear disarmament and world peace.
Dagmar explained on multiple occasions that the Women Strike for Peace started out as her own personal anger.

At first it was the way newscasters were talking about the Berlin Wall and how it could be the start of nuclear war between the USA and the USSR.
Dagmar had already read articles about how radioactive tests had already started to effect children. The event that sparked her the most though was the arrest of philosopher Bertrand Russell in Trafalgar Square.
Dagmar had grown up reading his books and she said that if a man of his stature and position in England had to go to these extreme lengths to be heard then the matter must be extremely important.

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