Enid Collins Purses!!

I Love Enid Collins Purses
Miss Enid Roessler grew up in San Antonio, Texas and went to college at Womens University where she majored in fashion design. She then met and married a sculptor, Frederic Collins and lived on a ranch.

To help out with finances, she opened her first shop in 1959, creating local motifs she grew up with like horses, and also mexicana themes of sun (sol) Pax (peace). She also did an amazing Zodiac series. She expanded her Texan roots to also include French & Hometown Americana themes, as well as the movements from the era of the 60's.
She did hundreds of designs of these purses in a canvas tote style, a bucket style, as well as her famous wood box purses adored with kitchy jewels and sayings like "NIGHT OWL", "GLAMOUR PUSS", "COCK O' THE WALK","MONEY TREE", "LOVE BIRDS" and so many more. They were expertly designed and bedecked with jewels, charms, & beads.

There are so many varieties even in her famous wooden box purses. Some have a flip up lid with full square mirror and others have a round smaller mirror. Most of her purses did have handles even the totes. Some are clutch or wristlet style that have a small carrying handle.
Money Tree


Bird Brain

Posie Picker

Sea Garden


Poki Turtle





Horse & Carriage

Road Runner

Jewel Garden

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